The Everyone Counts Campaign promotes the empowerment of individuals and communities through self-directed activities that support wellness and recovery. Developing individual wellness plans, finding spiritual solace, making changes and taking action, and creative expression are all ways consumers and their families have found healing and recovery.



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WRAP® is a personalized wellness-plan development program for people with mental or general health challenges. Find a group near you and create your own wellness plan.



Spirituality can be essential to one’s recovery. Learn more about our inclusive groups and activities that promote spirituality of all types, regardless of religion or specific faith.

Therapeutic Arts


Our Empowerment through the Arts workshops feature fine and performing arts activities that enhance wellness. All are welcome. No previous arts experience is necessary.

Make a Personal Pledge

I pledge to be mindful of stigmatizing language and negative stereotypes that may be harmful to people struggling with a mental health challenge.

Join us in making a personal pledge to eliminate mental health stigma in your language, your choices, and your life.

Media Alerts

The Alameda County Everyone Counts Campaign aims to track, analyze, and respond to how individuals with mental health challenges are portrayed in the media.

We review numerous media examples and choose one to which community members can respond to the author of the piece.