Make a Personal Pledge


Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services’ Everyone Counts Campaign focuses on the strengths and potential for wellness of everyone, and works to end discrimination and negative treatment against people with mental health challenges. Join our campaign by making a pledge to take action to end discrimination against people with mental health challenges.

I pledge to be mindful of stigmatizing language and negative stereotypes that may be harmful to people struggling with a mental health challenge.

Individuals with a mental health diagnosis or challenge, who may experience the world through internal voices and messages, deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, as would anyone else. A common myth exists that people with mental health diagnoses are violent and unpredictable. However, contrary to what you may see portrayed on TV or in the movies, research shows that people with mental health challenges are no more likely to be violent than anyone else! In fact, people with mental health issues are at a far greater risk of being victimized by violent crime.

There is also a common misconception that people with mental health challenges are destined to a life of endless struggle. In reality, more community supports and services exist now than ever before.  Tools and strategies are available that support individual’s wellness and whole health.  With this pledge, you are declaring that you will not label people with negative terms or repeat false information that have the power to fuel discrimination.  Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services supports expanding recovery options for everyone. Share the facts, using respectful language, about mental health and people living with mental health challenges. 

With your pledge you are joining your voice with ours to learn more and to speak up if you hear or see something that isn’t true.

  • WELLNESS RECOVERY ACTION PLAN (WRAP) peer support groups provide people with a safe environment to share their story about living with a mental health challenge, and focuses on learning skills to maintain daily wellness.
  • Read a persona essay on “Depression, Stigma, and the Model Minority Myth in the Asian American Community”  

Media Alerts

The Alameda County Everyone Counts Campaign aims to track, analyze, and respond to how individuals with mental health challenges are portrayed in the media.

We review numerous media examples and choose one to which community members can respond to the author of the piece.