Anxy, an exciting new magazine featured in Bustle, is designed to break down the stigma behind mental health conditions and expose our “inner worlds.”

In an age of digital media, Anxy was intentionally conceived of as a print publication – for people to physically carry around or put on their coffee tables — to spark conversations about mental health. Its focus will be art, design, and personal essays.

“We want to slowly break the misperception that traumatic experiences are abnormal or unusual,” says Indhira Rojas, the magazine’s founder.  “They are more common than we care to admit to each other. In fact, they are part of the fabric of our human existence.” Rojas was inspired to create the magazine by her own experiences as a survivor of childhood trauma, and her feelings of isolation when trying to cope with that history. “I felt I was carrying this heavy weight and it was very hard to find spaces where I could talk about it,” she recalls. “I started wondering: why is it so difficult for us to open up about the darkest and most affecting moments in our lives, even with the people we trust?”

Check out Indhira’s personal story here.
Check out this article in SFist for more information on Anxy.

What you can do:

  • Support or share Anxy’s Kickstarter campaign (ends October 19)
  • Submit your personal writing or art to Anxy (learn how to submit work here)
  • Follow Anxy on Facebook and Twitter @anxymag
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