The podcasting world is seeing an explosion in growth, and mental health podcasts are no exception. It seems that this medium particularly lends itself to vulnerability, confession, and authentic human connection through storytelling, honesty, and humor.

Rachel Orr from The Lily recently reviewed ten mental health podcasts worth listening to. She asked several of the hosts why they chose that medium of expression, and why they talk about their own struggles with mental health. Here are a few highlights:

Joel Kutz, “The Dark Place”podcast: Before I launched “The Dark Place,” I volunteered as a counselor for a suicide crisis line. Most callers I spoke with expressed feeling like they didn’t have anyone they could turn to and that no one would understand what they were going through. I find the courage because I know that each of those callers, and everyone in a similar place, needs to hear more voices like their own.

Kathryn Heller, co-host of the “Struggle Bus” podcast: At this point, I feel like it’s dangerous to not talk about it. Depression can be a scary and lonely place. For me, hearing about other people’s struggles helps me understand I’m not alone. With our show, I want to be honest about my own problems on the off chance that it could help someone.

In addition to the 10 podcasts recommended in The Lily, here are some additional podcasts you might enjoy for stories, information, connection, entertainment, and relaxation.

Getting adequate sleep is one of the best ways we can nurture our mental health, and many people who struggle with insomnia swear by listening to podcasts before bed, as they distract the thinking brain. A few compilations of relaxation podcasts are included below. Enjoy all of these podcasts for your mental health, during the day and when drifting off to sleep.